The 6th Mind Network workshop will take place in the University of Edinburgh.

The local organiser is Mark Sprevak who can be contacted at

The meeting is run over 2 days in association with the Graduate Conference in Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science (CoMiC).

The CoMiC takes places on Friday 12 October. It is an opportunity for current graduate students working in Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science to present their work to an interdisciplinary audience, to meet other fellow students and to participate in the 6th Mind Network Meeting. The keynote speaker for the CoMiC is Tim Bayne (Manchester). Graduate students are encourage to submit papers in Philosophy of Mind and Cognition for refereeing—see the CoMiC Call for Papers. For enquires about the CoMiC, please contact Francesca Rossi (

The Mind Network will take place on Saturday 13 October.

The schedule is:

Friday 12 October (CoMiC in association with Mind Network)

Saturday 13 October (Mind Network)